T shirt printers 2022 3d t-shirt printing machine price in india
T shirt printers 2022 3d t-shirt printing machine price in india

T shirt printers 2022 3d t-shirt printing machine price in india

Historic Innovation and Progress in Custom t-shirt Printing

Instead of years of Screen Printing and Heat Transfer custom printing technology, we finally research out the Digital Printing Technology with the environmentally-friendly and healthy-friendly water-based ink , this is really a Historic Innovation and Progress !
Traditional way of custom t-shirt printing  was Screen Printing and Heat Transfer,  Screen Printing use solvent oil mixed with color, Heat Transfer
must with precoating that  include more than 30% solvent oil, as you know,
all the solvent oil liquid include benzene, toluene which is toxic and heavily
air-polluted,  particularly great harm to children health, even through after
heating and evaporation,  the benzene, toluene content can reduced to
3% or so , but scientific study has shown : benzene is  a carcinogen (cancer-causing),  even 1% benzene, toluene may cause cancer if the human body is weak, high levels of benzene, toluene can cause drowsiness, dizziness, unconsciousness even death  !
More over, when printing t-shirts indoors, It has a heavy odor which can be problematic to sensitive folks. Additionally, its drying time is very long – up to 24 hours. This makes it a poor choice when second urgent paintings needed.
Innovation way of custom t-shirt printing is digital printing way and with water-based inks,  you only need to put the custom picture into computer and then direct printing onto the t-shirts, it take less than 3 minutes!
   We believe that with the obvious advantages of digital printing on custom t-shirt----low cost , high efficiency, environmentally-friendly and healthy-friendly,  the Screen Printing and Heat Transfer printing technology will be soon completely instead in near future !