T shirt printers 2022 t shirt printing machine price in delhi
T shirt printers 2022 t shirt printing machine price in delhi

T shirt printers 2022 t shirt printing machine price in delhi

It's Time for T-shirts and Casual

It’s time for T-shirt and casual clothing. So does the custom T-shirts. More and more T-shirt designs for customers to choose on the website. You might never heard this: there are people out there are some people who believe that ultimate freedom for all individuals can be achieved by abolishing the formal dress codes that rob people of their humanity -- and these guys are serious!
Screen printing is used for T-shirt printing prevalently nowadays. Rejecting to be deceived by an illusion of freedom as uniformed prisoners stacked and ranked against each other in a sea of grey, homogenised conformity under, what they call, "the fascist state of corporate rule" they started an organization called PAST or People Against Suits and Ties. Silly name, but they are -- let me remind you once again -- are serious.
Springleap is about this issue too. Recently, Springleap community has chosen one themed-competition winner for the Official t-shirt for Casual Day -- also in collaboration to promote PAST's manifesto. Winning designer TokyoGoGo from South Africa, with his wack A Casual Invasion design, explaines the story behind his fancy idea:
The illustration is all about casual clothes taking over! The Suits and ties run for cover as an Invader casually roams past!
Sometimes I feel like the internet is like a giant maze, a labyrinth that you have to navigate through to in order to find what you are looking for. But unlike your traditional maze, the internerd can have a million different outcomes, and sometimes you're not even sure what you are looking for. Del.icio.us acts like clues to get you through the map, and Google is like a teleporter, but sometimes the results can be unexpected (especially if you're feeling lucky). Sometimes when I'm browsing for new stuff I end up getting nowhere, following link after link to crapsville until i reach a dead end. Alternatively, sometimes I end up finding something truly extraordinary, completely justifying (to me at least) my wasted hours of net travel.