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T shirt printers 2022 t shirt printing machine price

T shirt printers 2022 t shirt printing machine price

t shirt printer Fatal Justice T-Shirts

A new T-shirt designer, Fernando Rodriguez. who is currently in the preliminary stages of launching his own design agency called EyeKandy. He currently resides in New York, but will be moving back to Puerto Rico to dedicate his time to developing his new company EyeKandy.
And you can be a designer, too. Design your own T-shirt image, printing it on your T-shirt. That is also your artwork. There is only a T-shirt printer in need. Your fresh custom t-shirt comes up soon.
The shirt he has designed comes in black and white and is called Fatal Justice. It features the classic underlying political message that Assault has become known for, as well as some of our favorite design motifs–skulls!
Fernando had the idea from his experience living under the Puerto Rican government. There’s alot of corruption, like in most governments, but especially in the Latin American governments. His other inspiration for the design comes from the current situation in Darfur. Some common themes in this design as well as in many other Assault designs are about how greed for power leads to killing and mass poverty among the working class.


The design’s major theme being about how there really is no more equal justice for the rich and the poor. Justice has just become a beautiful icon, and is no longer what it used to be. Fernando hand draws all of his designs, and then inks them and scans them into Illustrator. He uses live trace and later brings them into Photoshop to clean them up. The color palette is neutral based to further emphasize the grunge look to go along with his original idea for the concept. Fernando is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design.