T shirt printers 2022 tee shirt printers for sale
T shirt printers 2022 tee shirt printers for sale

T shirt printers 2022 tee shirt printers for sale

t shirt printer Sonnet T-shirt

This is a design come from real life. Heavy snow outside inspired my mind. After spending 45 minutes digging my car out of 12 inches of heavy plow-packed snow this past Friday I headed out to a venue I had never heard of called. I had my reservations about the place, but in the words of John Majors, this place was, “A Diamond in the Rough”. I painted this painting within one day.
And now I want to print it on my T-shirt. I always suspect the effect on the T-shirt will destroy the aesthetic feeling of the painting. Today the T-shirt printer can not obtain my trust. So I choose screen printing method to reappear my painting.
The band I was there to see was called Seven Day Sonnet. Checkout their Myspace page to hear a sneak preview of what their debut album is going to sound like.
Like many other bands on Myspace, Seven Day Sonnet is still unsigned, and I wouldn’t be sitting here telling you about them unless I thought that they were one of most talented unsigned bands I’ve seen in a long time. I think one of the things that makes me most excited about them is the fact that they have such a unique, developed sound in a market that’s saturated with unpolished Nickelback rip-offs. I was even more surprised to find out that they’d only been together since March!
It may sound like I’m blatantly plugging a new band from the area, and the truth is that I am–but I’ve been pretty heavily involved in the independent and underground music scene for awhile now, and from what I’ve heard from Seven Day Sonnet, their first few songs rank among some of the best for a debut album. If you haven’t yet, head over to Myspace and listen to the four songs the band has on their page. More importantly, subscribe to their blog so you can be notified of when their debut album hits the shelves.